How to Use An Instant Pot For The First Time?


If you have purchased an Instant Pot but are confused about operating it. Follow these step-by-step guides to use an instant pot for the first time. Yes, it is a superb device, but it is not magical. You will have to accordingly for the results. So, let’s begin the process from unboxing to cooking.

How to Use An Instant Pot For The First Time
How to Use An Instant Pot For The First Time

There are multiple models of Instant Pot. If you haven’t bought an Instant pot yet, here is a detailed article about which Instant pot you should buy. Click Here

Unbox It

Unbox Instant Pot
Unbox Instant Pot

Open the box, and you will find a more extensive and well-designed Instant pot. The cooking just doesn’t begin here. There’s a lot to do before that. Most importantly, you will have to learn the operating of this appliance. But after doing that, you will be the master of your kitchen. Different models have different looks, so just don’t worry about their appearance and exterior. Besides the appliance, you will find an instruction manual and a chart. Read it carefully and follow the instructions. Since cooking in Instant Pot is done by pressure and steam, basic settings are to be done in it. So, read the processes carefully.

Do A Water Test

Do a Water Test of instant Pot
Do a Water Test of instant Pot

​Before you begin cooking with your Instapot, here’s a short suggestion we’ll request you to do. Just perform a water test before you start. It is just a few minutes’ steps, so don’t just worry. The primary purpose of this water test is to examine whether the seal is working correctly or not. Look at the following steps to perform the water test.

  1. Insert the metal pot into your Instapot.
  2. Now add about 2 cups of water to a metal pot
  3. After doing this, place the lid and lock it. Make sure it is inserted properly.
  4. Turn the pressure release valve to ‘sealing.’ This is the essential step which you should keep in mind.
  5. Press the’ Manual’ option from the control panel.
  6. Press the (-) key till five does not appear on the display plate. Your Instapot does not have any start button. Nearly about 30 seconds, your Instant Pot will be turned on. On display, you will find a switch from ‘5’ to ‘ON.’ This simply means the machine had started building pressure.
  7. After the completion of 5 minutes, the float valve should lift from its place. Note that you do not see any steam coming or escaping out of the pot. The moment the float valve seals the pot, the display will shift from ‘ON’ to ‘5’.
  8. After completing the cooking time, do the ‘Quick Release’ by turning the valve to ‘venting.’ Make sure you keep your hands and face away from the valve during the pressure release.

If all things go accordingly, then be ready to begin your cooking with Instapot.

Dealing with The Control Panel for the First time.

Dealing with The Control Panel
Dealing with The Control Panel

To work with an Instapot, you must know how to operate the control panel. When you plug your Instapot, then after filling the ingredients and closing the lid, you will hear a chime sound that indicates the top has been inserted correctly. Also, look that the vent is pushed downwards before cooking. As we have said, there are multiple program buttons on the control panel; you must know which button supports which type of cooking.

On the left side, you get.

  • Soup- For broth-based soups.
  • Poultry- For cooking the chicken pieces.
  • Meat/Stew- For stew meats, brisket, ribs, etc.
  • Beans/Chili- For cooking dry beans and chili.
  • Sauté- This feature is to be an offer to new models of Instapot. With this, you can sauté the food cooking in a pot in the same way as you were supposed to do in your gas stoves.

On the right side, you get: –

  • Rice- You can use this button for cooking white and brown rice.
  • Multigrain- For cooking of Barley, Bulgar, and Quinoa.
  • Porridge- For Oatmeal.
  • Steam- For cooking various vegetables.
  • Slow Cook- This is an advanced feature that turns your Instant Pot into a slow-cooker.

On the center

  • Manual buttons- By using a button, you can manually set the timings for cooking your dishes. Once you are familiar with your Instapot, it will be easy for you to use this feature.

FAQ on How To Use An Instant Pot For The First Time?

How to Set Timings in Instant Pot?

For all newbies who do not know to set the timing for cooking, the following steps will help you in that: –

 Set Timings in Instant Pot
Set Timings in Instant Pot
  • After plugging your Instapot, press the manual or any cooking program option to start.
  • On display, either suggested cooking time will appear or one you used last time in that mode.
  • For adjusting the cooking time, use (+) or (-) keys right there.
  • An important thing is that (+) (-) buttons only adjust the cooking time. For temperature adjustment, you have to press the ‘adjust’ button.

Knowing The Vent And Ring of Instant Pot

 The Vent And Ring of Instant Pot
The Vent And Ring of Instant Pot

Over the lid of your Instapot, there is a vent from where steam release takes place. Most of the new users stay confused about what to be done with this vent. While cooking, in simpler words, turn the vent down or turn it anywhere right or left to release the steam.​

Natural Release:

 After cooked food is baked thoroughly, the Instapot beeps. At that time, you don’t touch the pot. It automatically(naturally) releases the steam, and the pressure gets chronic back again. Now you can open the lid.

Quick Release

When the food gets cooked thoroughly, the Instapot beeps; you can turn the vent either right or left to release the steam. But there’s still pressure inside the pot; the lid will not open. Just wait for some time till the pressure falls. Please make sure whenever you ‘Quick Release’ use any wooden part or any other thing to turn the vent, as a lot of steam can escape. It may harm your hands.

Rubber Ring: 

Inside the lead, there’s a rubber ring present. It may happen while cooking it to attain stains. You can take the rubber ring out of the lid for cleaning. Wash it with your hands in soapy water. I better suggest using separate calls for different types of cooking.

Just Plug-In And Begin

We’ve shared all the valuable and essential information regarding an Instant pot, so plug the cable and begin your cooking.

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